WeREAD is a community-wide read initiative with the goal of bringing our community together through dialogue and activities while also inspiring us to advance WeRISE’s mission of transforming our community through racial justice.

Text in image - WeRISE. WeREAD. 2023. Get your copy today and stay tuned to learn more! Book cover - Under the Skin by Linda Villarosa: The Hidden Toll of Racism on American Lives and on the Health of Our Nation

From an award-winning writer at the New York Times Magazine and a contributor to the 1619 Project comes a landmark book that tells the full story of racial health disparities in America, revealing the toll racism takes on individuals and the health of our nation.

Healthcare access, equity, choice and foundational human rights continue to be a focus of conversation throughout our nation and community. Under the Skin brings an account of how foundations of the system of healthcare are deeply rooted in slavery and how they have led to the shocking health disparities we still experience today.

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Book discussions will begin the end of February. More details coming soon.

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