We are bringing people together to talk about race. Over dinner, we will begin to learn what divides us and what can bring us together in an effort to build true community in Westerville.

a white woman and black woman sitting at a candlelit table smiling at the camera with 3 other women in the background

Have you ever thought that Black people are always focused on race? Have you been offended when someone accused you of having white privilege? Have you ever said that you are colorblind and don’t see race? Are you concerned about equity but don’t know where to start as a white woman? Start your journey to racial understanding and community building with WeRISE.

Facilitators will navigate the group through difficult and honest conversations about whiteness, white supremacy, and privilege. Participants will leave with an awareness of what is necessary to dismantle white supremacy and the responsibility each person has to helping create a just and equitable society.


  • 2-hour catered dinner for 8 white women
  • Facilitated by 2 Black women
  • Each participant will receive a WeRISE t-shirt, one book, and a curated reading list
  • Participants will be guided through virtual pre-dinner preparation and post-dinner processing sessions with a white woman
  • Cost: $3,000

Start your journey to racial understanding and community building today with WeRISE for Greater Westerville.

To schedule a dinner or for additional inquiries, contact Vashitta Johnson (Executive Director) at executive@werisewesterville.org.