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As we all prepare to hunker down and enter into the colder, hibernation-friendly months, WeRISE would like to announce our plans for WeREAD 2024!

With everything happening regarding current impending legislation and schools, we have decided this year to shift the gaze to children and education. Therefore, in 2024, WeRISE will use Jerry Craft’s 2019 graphic novel, New Kid, as the focus of our discussions. We have intentionally chosen this book to expand our reach to include upper elementary-schoolers through adults in the conversation. We feel this book will initiate important discussions in our community about racial identity, code-switching, marginalizing behaviors, and the emotions associated with them. In the book, the main character, Jordan, has interactions with adults and other children that are identifiable and relatable to most readers. We also chose this book because it covers the richness and complexity of what it means to be human from a wide array of diverse backgrounds and perspectives without the catastrophe that typically accompanies similar works on race and identity. It is our hope that these rich conversations will lead to more knowledge about how to prevent bias and marginalization, and the corresponding tools people can use to overcome them. 

Right now, we could use your help. 

First, we want to gauge interest in participation. Visit our Facebook page or Instagram and let us know if you are planning on participating.

This brings me to our second request. We need money to make this happen. Contributions from those who are able would go a long way to helping WeRISE make this important program happen in our community. DONATE HERE.

As always, we appreciate your continued support! 

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Get a copy today.

Talk about the book together.

  • We are planning four community discussion sessions (2 online and 2 in-person), as well as a moderated virtual discussion with Jerry Craft and a local language arts teacher. More details to come!

About This Initiative

WeREAD is a community-wide read initiative with the goal of bringing our community together through dialogue and activities while also inspiring us to advance WeRISE’s mission of transforming our community through racial justice.

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